Drawing Class

Private and Semi-Private classes available up on request, $30 per hour for individual class, $25 for a group of more than two students.

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Drawing is probably the most fundamental discipline if art education. Drawing education consist of several subjects that should be studied: Light logic and basic perspective, cast drawing, portrait drawing from life or photo reference.

Drawing classes options:

1. Light logic, Perspective, Basic geometric shapes.(graphite on paper)

Out of all drawing disciplines light logic is the most fundamental and most important set of skills an artist should acquire. Light logic will not only clarify your drawing and painting, it will allow you to speak clearly with your art! Graphite pencils is the best way to train your eye to see values, and gain dexterity necessary to describe form.

2. Cast drawing; David’s features, Roman sculpture casts.(graphite on paper/ oil on canvas)

Cast drawing is the best way to approach portrait drawing or painting, practice light logic on complicated form such as human face. We will mostly work with graphite and real casts that were purchased at the St. Petersburg Academy of Art.

3. Portrait Drawing from photo reference/ animals from photo reference (Graphite, mix. Media)

Drawing from life is the most challenging and exiting way to practice you knowledge. Life drawing is the best way to create fine art. Working from photo reference on the other hand allows the student to explore different mediums and textures.

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