Portrait Workshop

Portrait workshops to be posted soon.
Private small group, up to 20 people, workshops can be accommodated.

Here are some notes from this demonstration by Dale Deweese:


-Leon sits while painting the demonstration
-Thick paint (impasto) for light objects
-Thin paint for dark / dark background
-Artist, keep eyes close to the same position, especially distance while painting
-Look, position brush, look again, stroke
-Squint eyes frequently when viewing model detail

Yellow Ochre
Prussian Blue
Burnt Sienna
Earth tone or Vermillion Red
Titanium White
Olive Green
Ivory Black (calms colors, plien air use, in skin color)
Damar Varnish as a medium: dries fast, transparent, use to thin and for washes…

-Painting face
Brush, #6 Sable
Shadows first
Challenge is to paint skin warm while environment (background) is cool … therefore / face shadows warm but cool relative to rest of skin!
Scrape off face paint excess with pallet knife after eye sockets have been accomplished
Face “form” last …. Accomplish variations, shadows, highlights, eye details ….

Feather other detailed painting
-Brush, #4-5 Sable

-Paint strokes close to figure … move parallel to the edges of the figure

-Primed cotton … about $8/ yd.

 Available for art groups and art associations.

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